Friday, December 3, 2010

how is it already december. I feel like november didn't even happen.  Fortunately, its exam time (as if i'm happy about that) but it DOES mean that its that much closer to the semester being over and that much closer to christmas! 21 days left. & have i started my christmas shopping? obvi not.  However here is my list, the most important part ;)
> marc jacobs cross body bag, just a little one
> ray bans ( cats 5000) SO HOT
> some make up
> & to pass neuro. thanks.

All i want to do lately is shop. not that its new or all that surprising, but i juuuust want to end school and go shopping. LACE, SEQUINS, and FAUX FUR are all the rage right now and i cannot help but want alll of it. so extra.
i'm also in need of some new rings. neeeeed new rings!!!
Another goal is to lose 12 pounds.  I have a feeling it'll end up starting after christmas because lets be real its almost impossible to eat well after the holidays.. but it needs to happen before april. i'm going to do it slow and steady because i want it to work.

ok, now some nice pictures.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Okay, so my attempts to start a blog finally become a reality, starting (surprisingly..) on halloween night - a night spent with ben and jerrys and beetlejuice because im too hungover from last nights festivities.
so i've figured out some important steps for my life.
1. Being a bad student is an understatement. I fail at University life and the stress it involves is almost unbearable.
2. with that said, i'm taking a year off next year to work, and backpack Europe. Its such a life changing experience and my life needs some excitment!
3. I need to shop.  I have an itching urge to shopshopshop and i neeeed new clothes.
need... also an understatement.